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The first association that comes to mind when thinking about holidays in the city is BORING, but fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way. If it is not possible to go on vacation, we can plan your free time so that you feel like you are on a real vacation. Active for those who like to move and lazy for others who expect blissful laziness.

Bydgoszcz is the largest city in the Kuyavsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, located in northern Poland and is one of the cities with the largest number and area of parks in Poland. In addition, Bydgoszcz is one of the few large cities in Poland surrounded by forests on all sides, which means that there are several dozen tourist trails in the suburban area.

Both Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area run bicycle routes, thanks to which we can visit not only the city, but also the surrounding green areas. It is better combining a bicycle trip with a picnic or a trip to the water, especially since there are many beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Bydgoszcz, located on lakes, rivers and lagoons with sandy and grassy beaches.

The most popular places are:

1. Borówno

The beach in Borówno (the Dobrcz commune, in the direction of Gdańsk) deserves a special mention, which received the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is an international symbol confirming the highest quality of bathing beaches and marinas. The bathing resort in Borówno is located about 20 km from Bydgoszcz, in a beautiful forest complex. The beach is ideal for relaxation, walking and sports because it is large and the water is shallow for a long time, so it is ideal for playing with children.For those who want to move, there is a possibility to rent water equipment, play beach volleyball, and for the youngest there is a playground in the shade of trees. In addition, there are numerous gastronomic points where everyone will find something for themselves. During the summer, the beach is guarded by qualified WOPR lifeguards. For the entrance to the beach you should pay. We can get to Borówno not only by car, but also by bicycle, PKS bus, inter-communal line no. 41 and FR BUS line 405.

2. Piecki

There are two places for swimming in Piecki. The most famous, among the citizens of Bydgoszcz, is the “wild” beach, the entrance to which is free. The beach is located in the vicinity of the forest. So on hot days you can cool down by swimming in the lake and hide in the shade of trees. One more beach, where you must pay, adjacent to the wild one, is  very popular too. Ticket for adults is PLN 8, children enter for free. Unfortunately, there is no lifeguard here. On the beach you can relax under umbrellas and canopies. There are also food outlets. The paid beach in Piecki became famous mainly for its winter face. There are saunas here, each of them can accommodate 6 persons. In winter, large groups of people come, enter the icy lake, and then warm themselves by fires in wooden houses.

3. Chmielniki

The bathing resort is located about 10 km from Bydgoszcz on Lake Jezuickie. The easiest way to get to Chmielniki is by driving towards Inowrocław, turning left behind the village of Brzoza. We can also go by bike or by bus no. 99.  Prise of ticket to the beach costs PLN 5 per person, children under 10 years old don”t have to pay anything. Parking costs PLN 2 for the whole day. It is possible to rent water equipment. The beach is sandy and large. Sunbathers can rent kayaks, boats and pedal boats. Hungry people have the opportunity to take advantage of the small gastronomy. Chmielniki also tempt with cyclical events.

4. Pieczyska

The bathing resort in Pieczyska is located on the Koronowo Lake, about 30 km from Bydgoszcz, near Koronowo. It is an attractive area in terms of tourism, recreation and leisure, surrounded by pine forests with many walking paths and tourist routes. Lovers of water recreation can rent water equipment, e.g.: boats, kayaks, SUP boards and pedal boats. People with a sailor’s license can to rent a yacht. The beach in Pieczyska was renovated in 2021. Right next to the beach there is a beautiful promenade, a playground for children in the form of a ship, two sheds with tables and benches where you can light a fire. Also you can buy here fish, lunch dishes and delicious casseroles, sweet ice cream and waffles. The advantage of Pieczyska is free access to the beach, no parking fees and WOPR lifeguards watching over the safety of the rest. We can get to Pieczyska by car, by FR BUS No. 401 and 403, by PKS bus. There are two cycling routes for cyclists.

5. Samociążek

Another place worth mentioning is Samociążek, which is located in the Koronowo commune, about 20 km from Bydgoszcz. We can get there by car, bike or FR BUS No. 401 and 403. The name of the beach where we can relax is  JULIA . The resort is located in a picturesque place, surrounded by forests in the vicinity of the White Lake, which belongs to the Koronowski Lagoon. Wooden houses and rooms can be rented in the resort. For those who value close contact with nature, there is also a place to pitch a tent, rest in a caravan or in a motorhome. Both the entrance to the Center and the use of the swimming pool as well as other attractions are payable. The beach is sandy and grassy. There is a playground for children. For the hungry and thirsty, there is a food court. It is possible to rent water equipment.

6. Wąsosz

The beach in Wąsosz is located about 30 km from Bydgoszcz. We can reach it by following the road to Szubin or Poznań. The easiest way to get there is by your own  transport. You can also take the PKS bus, but there is quite a long distance to walk from the stop. The beach is very clean and large, water in the lake clear. There is a nice playground by the lake. People can rent cottages, campsites and campsites. There are bars and restaurants. The enter to the beach is free.


I think that if you are living in Bydgoszcz or near you will surely find a suitable place to relax exactly for yourself.

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