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How to quickly find the best employee

Previously, the process of finding new employees looked quite simple and was limited to the transfer of information about the vacancy to the employment service and posting an ad on the bulletin board. Someone was looking for a new employee among acquaintances or recommended their friends for an open vacancy. Today, the process of finding new employees looks different and a little more complicated.


So where can an employer look for a new employee today?


  • Finding a good employee starts with understanding who the company is really looking for


Are you looking for a handyman, waiter or recruiter? Maybe there is already a person on your staff who might be interested in new tasks? Perhaps a handyman who came to Poland a few years ago has already learned Polish, has a driver’s license and could become a coordinator at your employment agency. Or a recruiter gets a second higher education, just in the direction that you plan to develop in a new company.

  • Prepare a job posting

When writing a job description, be as concise as possible. Do not overly detail or shorten the text with information about the vacancy. Since this will not be an incentive to respond and submit a resume. In the vacancy announcement, it is worth describing the working conditions, the duties provided for the position and the requirements that you place on the candidate. Write only the truth and do not exaggerate.

  • Posting a job 

First of all, start by telling your relatives or friends about the vacancy. For example, mention that you are looking for a new employee after a workout at the gym or send out a mailing list to your friends asking for help.

An announcement about the search for a new employee should be placed on popular job search portals. Often on such sites you can place an ad for free. You simply post a job and wait for responses.

Remember that it is important to post information about the search for an employee on social networks and interest groups. Most likely, the specialist you need is already there. This is one of the most convenient ways to find and communicate with a candidate. When you find a suitable specialist, then write to him briefly and to the point, for example: *Apik needs a handyman in our company. I’ll be happy to discuss all the details. Waiting for your answer here or by phone..*

Place the information on your own website. Usually the site already provides information about the company, there are blog articles with useful information that attract potential employees.

You can also use the recommendations of your partners, look for new employees at exhibitions and conferences. Just ask yourself: where can my future employees live? Perhaps your option to attract new employees would be to hand out flyers, at public events, or loudly discuss the vacancy on public transport.

  • Cooperation with external firm

At the same time, more and more Polish companies decide to entrust the search for new employees to employment agencies. Such an agency is an intermediary firm between the candidate and the enterprise where he will work in the future. It allows each party to save time and money. In particular, employment agencies will be useful if Polish employers intend to attract workers from Ukraine, Belarus and the East. Agencies often already have a wide base of candidates who come to the agency in search of work and can quickly fill the shortage of personnel for the specifics of your organization. Employment agencies have experienced recruiters on staff who are able to work with large flows of information and assess the professional skills of candidates. Therefore, they can easily find exactly the type of employee that the employer indicates in his application. Agencies are usually responsible for coordinating timesheets, payment of remuneration, legalization of foreign employees and other employment details. Therefore, it saves not only time, but also nerves.

  • Self-employed recruiter

If an employment agency is too expensive for you, then you can use the services of a freelance recruiter. Usually such a specialist works alone and you do not have to overpay for the work of an entire agency. Most likely, the result you will get is not worse. However, you will have to take the time to find a reliable freelance recruiter. Read reviews on freelance recruiter sites or ask your partners.


It is difficult to say exactly how it will be better for you to find an employee. For each employer, a good employee is something completely different. However, every employer wants to find a good employee and keep him for a long period so that he can bring high profits to the company.

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