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For every parent, returning to work after the birth of a child is not an easy time in life. This is influenced by separation from the child and the question of what to do with the baby so that it does not experience separation from its parents. Searching for a good kindergarten where your child will feel at ease is quite a challenge, but fortunately there is a solution.

If we decide to send our child to kindergarten, we should prepare our child appropriately. First of all, you should talk to your child about kindergarten, what it is and why they will spend time there. You should talk about the new place positively and in such a way as to arouse the child’s interest. If possible, a good solution is to go with your child to kindergarten and spend some time with him or her so that he or she can get used to  to the new place, meet the caregivers and new friends. Thanks to this, we will know what we need to pay attention to before leaving the child alone in kindergarten.

Citizens of Ukraine who, as a result of the war, came to Poland with their entire families are additionally faced with enormous stress related to the current situation and, as a result, new realities. With them in mind, so that they can take up legal work and send their children to a place where they will feel safe, a group for children from Ukraine was established in the “Przedszkolna Chatka” kindergarten in Bydgoszcz. The group is run by educated Ukrainian teachers and therapists, which ensures children’s comprehensive development based on Ukrainian culture and customs. As the kindergarten also includes groups with Polish children, national integration is ensured, which makes it easier to adapt to the new culture and living conditions.

One of the most important thing is that the “Przedszkolna Chatka” cares for the comprehensive development of its students. The facility cultivates the tradition of openness to the needs of young children and creates conditions for the best possible development. It is a place friendly to all children, where parents and teachers create an atmosphere of friendly cooperation. The most important priority of the kindergarten is to make everyone aware that childhood is a time of learning through play, a time of carefree joy in gaining new experiences. A very important point for the facility’s management and teachers is to discover the needs and difficulties faced by the students, which is why children and parents are given the opportunity to meet with specialists and receive their daily help.

It is worth adding that the kindergarten accepts children from the age of 2, and recruitment is carried out all year round. Those interested in more information can visit the kindergarten’s website: Those who would like to see the kindergarten, rooms and talk in person are invited to the following address: ul. A.G. Siedleckiego 10-12,

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